Think Green

We believe in Thinking Green. Don’t fill up the landfill because you can only buy your charcoal in one type container. That’s why we have Mylar Refill Bags available in all sizes (except bulk sack.) Our containers were chosen with “Re-Use” in mind. Don’t throw your container away. Instead buy our Mylar Refill Bag and refill your container.

An added bonus: Mylar Refill Bags Save You Money!

When refilling your container, open the Mylar bag and place the container up-side-down over it, with the bag touching the bottom of the container. Carefully turn the two over and slowly remove the Mylar bag. Charcoal powder can create quite a dust cloud, so by making sure that the opening of the bag is at the bottom of the container, before emptying its contents, and by slowly removing the bag, you will minimize the cloud. After you have emptied about half the bag, with the bag still in its place, gently tap the container to help the contents to settle a bit before slowly continuing to remove the bag. It may take some tapping before you are able to get all the contents of the bag into the container. Just move slowly and tap often.

For the pails we pack the charcoal in a liner that is put into the Mylar bag. Open the Mylar bag at the top, lay the bag on its side on a table/counter, and pull the liner bag up to the opening. Cut the bottom of the bag off to use it to slide the liner bag into the pail, so as to not scrape the side of the pail and tear the bag.

See our Containers page for more info on the type of containers we carry.