About Us

Multavita - In Latin it means Abundant Life. 

Why Multavita Exists...

Today, all areas of life are at risk from pollutants and toxins. From the water we drink, the air we breath, the food we eat, to the cars and buildings we inhabit. Nearly all are contaminated with chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins.

The primary focus of Multavita Activated Charcoal is: our body's health; air, water and soil purification; detoxification; filtration. While industry has used activated charcoal for decades, the public is just now waking-up to the many benefits to personal health and the home environment.

A few of the uses of Activated Charcoal are: air and water filtration, odor control, removal of VOCs, chemical spill clean-up, fuel-cell technology, poison control, kidney dialysis, military gas masks and in nuclear submarines, color removal in food, soil detoxification, and as a natural remedy to remove toxins in humans and animals.

Our Mission is...

To provide individuals, business, and industry with simple and affordable products that help clean the environment, the soil and living organisms of toxins and pollutants while helping to restore health naturally. We believe, as God’s children, all people deserve the dignity of honest pricing and courteous service.

Developing New Markets...

There is a new product that is growing rapidly in the agricultural and garden market. That product is Biochar or Agrichar. Currently being researched by environmental and soil scientists, it is proving to be an effective tool in the fight against soil erosion, nutrient depletion, contamination from toxins like herbicides and pesticides, and may actually help lower the risk of global warming by trapping CO2 in the soil.

Thinking of our Customers...

We source one of the finest activated charcoal powders available, and it is Made In USA.

We offer container types for every need and have priced our products to be affordable.

Shipping prices that reflect actual shipping costs.

We look forward to serving your needs.

Thanks for shopping with us!