25 lb Anasazi Beans - Organic Heirloom

25 lb Anasazi Beans - Organic Heirloom

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The story goes that an anthropologist, discovered a clay pot, sealed with pine tar, that dated to be 1,500 years old, in a cave in New Mexico. Inside was a trove of beans that when planted some germinated and the New Mexico Cave Bean was 'reborn'. Some say that beans will only germinate up to 50 years, so it is speculated that these beans have been in continual cultivation, among the Native American tribes, all along.

After these heirloom beans had been grown for a few years, the Adobe Milling company renamed and trademarked them 'Anasazi'. Adobe Milling is located in Dove Creek, Colorado, a community well known for dry-land farming beans.

The Anasazi bean has a mild flavor, slightly sweet, and lower in carbohydrates than other beans. They work well in special diets for Crohn's and GIRD. As with all beans, care should be taken to make sure to soak overnight, and to make sure they are thoroughly cooked. The best way to soak beans is to sort and wash them. It is best to soak until they show signs of sprouting, this may take 2 to 3 days. The water should be changed daily with a rinse before putting back into fresh water.

Cooking time is about 2/3rds that of Pintos. Our first time cooking them, we chose to go simple and simply added a quartered onion, a couple teaspoons crushed garlic and some salt. It was great just like that. This bean is ideal to replace most beans in recipes, especially if you have a special diet or are sensitive to other beans.

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